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Welcome to the N9RO web site.

The node is now digital mode only.

The N9RO node (Access Point) is currently running at times in analog and at times in digital mode.  Frequescy is changing as I test.  If you wish to test using the node contact me and I will set it up for the mode and frequency you need.

Currently I have an interactive Wires-X web site in development but due to my time and ambition it may be a while before I have it online.  Until I have the new site up you will have to live with this lamp site, just pretend you are living in the 90's.

Desktop app is in Beta testing contact tim@n9ro.com for more info

NOTE:  This site and node are currently in a test/expermental stage so anything goes.

News updated 010/23/2014


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For help with using this site or the N9RO node click on Help.